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So who’s writing these reviews anyways?

Andre is a consummate foodie and ex-chef turned aspiring food writer. He relies on his love of food, wine, and writing to make ends meet–against the advice of many.

(mail) info@tofoodreviews.com

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Karin works in marketing by day, and also freelance writes fashion and lifestyle stories for a variety of blogs. She lives in the west end but explores the city for new restaurant finds every week. She likes cappucinos, sushi, and a good pizza. 

(twitter) www.twitter.com/karinjorrits

(instagram) www.twitter.com/karinjorrits

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Janine recently graduated from the University of Ottawa with a Master in Communications, loves yoga and the outdoors, and hates to cook. Instead, she chooses to spend her hard-earned money on food and wine and clothes, to avoid being in the kitchen at all costs.

(twitter) www.twitter.com/JanineMoir

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Rebecca just resigned from a teaching position in order to pursue a career in eating and drinking (and of course, writing about said activities). She is presently enjoying an early mid-life crisis. Really…she’s enjoying it…there is no sarcasm intended.

(twitter) www.twitter.com/urbancrumbs

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Carolyn is passionate about much in life, but food tops the list. Equally happy in the kitchen as she is in the dining room, she loves to entertain, to cook, to eat and to write about all things food. She’ll eat pretty much anything, including sweetbreads and halibut cheeks, but draws the line at olives.


(blog) www.foodnurd.com

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Nicole is a PR gal who loves to write, drink endless cups of (good) coffee and watch stimulating films and mindless television. Her sparse spare time is used to explore the city by discovering new and exciting places to grab a bite.

(twitter) www.twitter.com/NicoleLaPR

(blog) www.imhungryimhungry.blogspot.com

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We’re looking for writers too! If you like eating and writing and want to see your reviews on the TOFoodReviews site, send us an email at info@tofoodreviews.com so we can tell you how to make it happen.