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Caffe Demetre

Posted on January 8, 2011 by in The Danforth

3 stars

- If any description of this dessert-centric restaurant fits, it is “the resolution-killer” that rings the truest.

This is a sit-down restaurant offering a wide variety of sweets.  The menu is a full three panel – front and back – array of original creations, ranging from the unique and beautiful Lazy Sundaes to the Scoop du Jour – one or two scoops with cream and cherries.  Of course, you can also just select from the many offered toppings and ice cream flavours to create-your-own.  Ice cream includes peanut butter, nutello chocolate (not to be confused with Nutella) and vanilla-honey, amongst others.  On top of that, they throw in a freshly made crepe or waffle, some bananas or strawberries, chocolate sauce and a couple of dollops of the clearly-in-house-made whipped cream, and you have a dessert that will put you in a delightful sugar coma!

It was close to 11:00 p.m. when I made my way to Demetre’s, but there were still a good number of sweet-toothed patrons enjoying some of the sugary creations – this was clearly be more than your regular two-scoop waffle-cone kind of place.  They make all of the ice creams on the premises, using fresh Ontario dairy and utilizing a special freezing process that prevents ice crystals from forming in the carefully crafted artisan frozen treats.

The servings provide you more than enough ice cream and extras to share comfortably, but my group decided to be gluttonous and each have their own; three ice cream crepe dishes, one with peanut butter ice cream, one nutello chocolate and one with the house chocolate.  The best thing about these desserts, right down to the whipped cream, is the balance of sweetness with the bold flavours.  There is a truly special way they do things that prevents the strong flavours from overwhelming the whole dish.  The peanut butter ice cream was nowhere near that almost sticky consistency and too-rich taste that can be attached to some PB creations; the whipped cream was a clean and creamy compliment to the light chocolate syrup; and the fruit was fresh and surprisingly bright considering the winter months.

I am a self-proclaimed cheap dessert-eater, but here I felt like I got much more than I paid for.  The dishes come in at about $10 each – but, if you’re sharing, which is probably more appropriate than polishing off a whole plate alone, it is quite affordable – especially for the top-notch quality.

The cherry on top was the service.  It was fast, friendly, and appropriately attentive.  A few casual checks were done here and there and an offer for re-fills was made – so simple, but so important.

If you haven’t done so yet, check out Café Demetre. It’s a sweet spot to get some sweets.

- Nicole

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