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Filo Grill and Rotisserie

Posted on December 11, 2010 by in The Danforth

4 stars

- Filo is a family-run restaurant that really is a hidden gem, found just on the outskirts of “Greek Town”. I went to Filo for the first time this summer, just after attending a Greece vs. Portugal soccer game at BMO Field.  My father is Greek, so it was no surprise that we were going to the Danforth area for dinner.  The first thing I noticed when we walked in were scattered groups of soccer fans, still wearing their jerseys, talking frantically about the afternoon’s tie game.  It is a quite the distance from BMO to O’Connor and Pape, so why did so many of them come here after?  Clearly, those Greeks knew something that this Greek didn’t.

After that first visit, I found the answer.  Filo offers the kind of soul-warming, belly-filling fare you might think you could only get from your mother’s cooking.  The restaurant itself, like the food, is simply honest.  Just like at home, you shouldn’t expect anyone to pull out your chair for you, lay a white napkin on your lap and commend your every selection from the menu.  You go in, grab a table, and after a quick exchange with your server, you will be given a platter of perfect, home-style Greek cuisine.  You can order a-la-carte from their menu, or you can go and have a peek at the steam-table and do a “create-your-own” dinner from what they have made that day.

While there is a lot to choose from, I beg you to try my three go-to favourites: the roasted chicken, the Taramosalata, and the octopus.

I know, roasted chicken is not the most ‘Greek’ food that you could think of, but they just do it right!  Taramosalata has a similar consistency to hummus and is made from a caviar called Tarama.  It has a light pink hue that, to be honest, does not appeal to me visually, but it has a great smooth and salty flavour that pairs perfectly with the pieces of pita they provide for dipping.  Last, but certainly not least, is the octopus.  It truly has to be the best octopus I’ve ever eaten.  It is flavourful, and so tender that it is comparable to a perfectly-prepared steak, rather than the rubbery texture you might expect.

If you are a less-adventurous, or are looking for the more typical Greek grub, they do offer those tried and true Souvlaki and Gyro dishes as well, which are just as enjoyable.

The sheer number of restaurants to choose from on the Danforth can be overwhelming, so when you are in the mood for some Greek food, Filo is one spot that I highly recommend.

– Nicole

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